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Development :
N-Type Incoproration was found in 1996. It is extended and transformed from
the I-Beam Broadcast Equipment Co., Ltd. Since 1984, N-Type has many years of
experience and not only the agents for broadcast equipment of hardware and
software from the Europe and America but also the professional system integrator.
N-Type is the leading company in the broadcast industry in Taiwan market.

Products :
1. Autocue 2. Bear 3. Evertz 4. Omneon
5. Avid 6. Tektronix 7.Telestream

Target :
N-Type consists the people who are the experienced engineers and devotional TV
men. They have the skilled technic and full of energy to explore the newest technic
and information. With the experience of more than 10 years of being the agent of
the broadcast equipment and software, we integrat the newest high-tech broadcast
industry. No matter the master control room, sub control room, S.C, post
production, video compression, transmission, storage, NLE, fibre optic transmission and News automation system. N-Type offers the total solution. N-Type has the best
and excellent equipment in the world, cover many different platform of high-
tech equipment. Surely, the N-Type is your best partner.

Team :
1. We have sincere and solid Marketing Sales team.
2. We have innovational and advanced technic team of system design.
3. We have experienced and skilled service engineer team.